TCT Saw Blade ST for Far Easy International Co., Ltd.


TCT Saw Blade ST

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TCT Saw Blade ST For cutting SUS 303,304,316, SUS430,440C

285 / 360 mm TCT Circular Saw Blade made in Japan.

TCT Saw Blade ST For cutting stainless steel materials have been developed to allow chips to easily slip off the cutting edge instead of adhering to it.

Feature :

This type of TCT circular saw has been Practical application and improved long term in the professional market for more than five years. With the appropriate machine can get better results.

Regrinding Service

"A brand new saw blade + Regrinding service"

They could extends the cutting life and save the cost.

Far Easy is associated with a professional team and well worth it's value on your spending.

You already got our service in grinding when you buy our saw blades .

Each saw blade is able to be repeat regrinding for 3-4 or more times .

The regrinding cost is much cheaper than you buy a new saw blade.

The cost of regrinding is depends on the actual situation of cutting edge.

If there is any teeth fractured on cutting edge and then firm will charge by renewing .


285 x 2.0 x 60 / 72 / 80T x 63P x 32H with Cermet / Carbide Tipped.

360 x 2.6 x 60 / 80 / 100 / 120T x 80P x 40H with Cermet / Carbide Tipped.

285 / 360 mm TCT Circular Saw Blade most suitable for cutting material SUS303,304,SUS430,440C

Specification Table

  SS440 S10~45C S45~58C SUJ 2,3 Scr420 SCM415,420 SCM435,445 SKD4,5 SUS303,304