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About Us

Far Easy International Co., Ltd. is originally a professional team on saw blade resharpening processing and also designing on tooth type.

In addition, also provides the investment plan of plant for tubes & bars cutting  which including the equipment and spare parts supply and maintenance. Today, FAR EASY is focused on machinery & milling tool parts development and manufacturing.

Hot Products

TCT Saw Blade BT

TCT Saw Blade BT For cutting Carbon steel and Alloy steel: 285 mm TCT Circular Saw Blade / 360 m...

TCT Saw Blade ST

TCT Saw Blade ST For cutting SUS 303,304,316, SUS430,440C 285 / 360 mm TCT Circular Saw Bla...

HSS Small Diameter Slotting Circular Saw Blade

 Hss Small Diameter Slotting Circuoar Saw Blade The blade may be specified OD and hole Diam...